Accountability  is defined as doing the right thing, in the right way, at the right time; consistently, day in and day out, in tasks and in relationship interactions, to fulfill or further the mission of the organization.

Whether you are a donor, a funder or a community partner, you want to be assured that we are a healthy, vibrant and effective organization, worthy of your interest, talent and support.  From this page you will find links to information that is both internally developed and externally provided.

It is not possible for every day to be a perfect day.  But it is possible for us to strive towards that goal as individuals, as team members, as an organization and as a community.  Through examining what works and what doesn’t  where we’ve achieved and where we have not, we believe that we can continue to grow and be ever more effective in meeting the needs of the children, youth and families that we work with every day.



Collecting demographic information tells us the characteristics of the population we serve and allows us to note changes or trends that inform us of how our services are being used.

CINS/FINS Residential and Temporary Shelter
*CINS/FINS stands for Child in Need of Services and Families in Need of Services, which is a Florida Statutory designation for this funding stream.

Click here for 2008-09 Demographics Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2007-08 Demographics Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2006-07 Demographics Report (PDF document)

Annual Reports

Click here for 2014-15 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2013-14 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2012-13 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2011-12 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2010-11 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2009-10 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2008-09 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2007-08 Annual Report (PDF document)
Click here for 2006-07 Annual Report (PDF document)

Quarterly Reports

Click here for Q1 2011-12 Report (PDF document)

Goals, Inputs, Activities, Outputs and Outcomes

Click here for Poinciana Emergency Home Logic Model (PDF document)
Click here for Counseling Services Logic Model (PDF document)
Click here for Project Lighthouse Logic (PDF document)
Click here for Jelsema Logic Mode l(PDF document)
Click here for Poinciana Group Homeogic Logic Model (PDF document)


An audit is the formal, external and independent examination of the financial accounts of the corporation. When an auditor finds items to be resolved, a management letter is issued. If there are no issues, there is no management letter. FKCS has not received a management letter in over five years.

Click here for 2013-14 Audit (PDF document)
Click here for 2012-13 Audit (PDF document)
Click here for 2011-12 Audit (PDF document)
Click here for 2010-11 Audit (PDF document)
Click here for 2009-10 Audit (PDF document)


The IRS Form 990 is the only financial statement that charitable organizations are required by law to make publicly available.

Click here for 2013-14 990 Form (PDF document)
Click here for 2011-12 990 Form (PDF document)
Click here for 2010-11 990 Form (PDF document)
Click here for 2009-10 990 Form (PDF document)