Keys-Wide Counselors

Our team of five qualified counselors works with youth ages 6-17 at their schools including our offices at Coral Shores, Marathon, and Key West High schools. Our professionals help you through issues including missing school, anger management, and substance abuse. Your situation, although unique, is never as hopeless as you might think. We know that you want a happy, loving and supportive family – we all do. Parenting, step-parenting and grand-parenting can be challenging in the best of circumstances. When life’s “ups and downs” have thrown turmoil into your situation, you don’t have to face these issues alone. Our goal is to give you the help you need when you feel that hope is lost.

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SNAP® 13-Week Group Trainings

New in 2018! STOP NOW AND PLAN training powered by the Child Development Institute is now being offered in the Florida Keys. This program has been proven to help children ages 6-11 effectively manage their emotions to deal with family relationships, make and keep friends, reduce stress and anxiety, improve self-confidence, develop effective problem-solving skills, and make better choices. Our highly trained instructors will lead the free 13-week trainings across Monroe County for groups of girls, groups of boys, groups of parents (held in conjunction with the girls’ and boys’ groups), and in classrooms.

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Project Lighthouse

Young people who are on the street for whatever reason, including traveling through the country, are welcome at Project Lighthouse. You have a safe place in the heart of Key West where you can take a shower, pick up toiletries, and get a change of clothing. You can use our computers and musical instruments, or participate in arts and crafts. Your warm hosts and local experts, Jai and Mina, can help connect you with resources including food, medical care, employment, and lodging possibilities. Our goal is to encourage each young person to become a welcome, positively contributing member of the community.

1102 Truman Ave., Key West, FL 33040
Monday-Friday 10 a.m.-5 p.m.
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All services free of charge

Jelsema Upper Keys Residential Center

You always have a safe place to go in the Florida Keys: the Jelsema Center in Plantation Key. Imagine a fun dormitory of friends who are like family, where you can play video games, get help with your homework, and enjoy the outdoor gym. The children attend school, and have group outings including trips to the movie theater, Mariners Wellness Center, and Morada Way for art class. The 19-bed home for ages 10 through 18 features our full-time Keys Children’s Foundation counselor, a full-time chef, and rooms decorated by accomplished artists including Wyland, Pasta, and Stacie Krupa. Whether you stay with us for just one night or for several years, our goal is to provide a home with caring people who will listen, make you feel like you matter, and help you toward your brightest future.

73 High Point Rd., Tavernier, FL 33070
Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
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Transitional Living Program

Our highly anticipated Key West TLP (transitional living program) has recently opened the doors for young adults, ages 18-under 22 years old, who may be homeless, aging out of foster care or in a variety of other situations which limit self-sufficiency. This program conducts intake and assessment, crisis intervention, individual, group and family counseling, tutoring, recreational activities, case management services, job search and placement, career readiness, financial counselling, reunification services and aftercare services. Our on-site support staff also assist youth in accessing necessary educational, health care and wellness focus. Outreach efforts directed towards community agencies also support this program, in turn substantially satisfy a regional need for a safe stable living environment for youth to learn or enhance their life skills abilities and potential.

By referral only
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