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Florida Network of Youth & Family Services is a statewide association of not-for-profit organizations that, among other issues, specialize in working with truant, ungovernable and runaway youth. FKCS has been an active member of this organization for almost 20 years. During that time we have served on many quality assurance and Board-related committees, and the CEO of the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter, Inc., served as the President of the Board of Directors from 2004 to 2006.

Florida’s CINS/FINS Programs Named “Best Practice” by OJJDP (read more)


The Youth and Family Services Network (YFSN) –An association of child and family-serving agencies around the country.  The CEO maintains a seat on the YFSN Board of Directors and represents the association and its member agencies on the National Council of Youth Policy.

US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS)Administration on Children and Families (ACF)Family and Youth Services Bureau (FYSB)Runaway and Homeless Youth Programs

Former Kathy Tuell, President and CEO, spent a week in Washington, D.C. in April at the request of the Family and Youth Services Bureau, participating in a federal workgroup to establish basic standards for Basic Center, Street Outreach and Transitional Living programs funded under the Runaway and Homeless Youth Act. The reauthorization of the Act, passed in September, for the first time required the establishment of basic standards that all such federally-funded programs must adhere, once approved.

Tuell joined twenty-seven providers from across the country, nine members of the Family and Youth Services Bureau, five members of the Runaway and Homeless Youth Training and Technical Assistance staff from the University of Oklahoma, and three representatives from the National Clearinghouse on Children and Families for the three-day intensive process. Six teams examined basic standards for the three different program areas, drafting language for the standards and making further recommendations to the Family and Youth Services Bureau staff. The federal staff will continue to review the recommendations and will soon request public comment on the refined standards. We can expect this process to continue over the next year.

National Network for Youth (NN4Y) – a national association of child and youth serving not-for-profit agencies and home of the National Council of Youth Policy. The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter’s CEO represents the Southeastern Region (Region IV) on the Council. The Council tracks federal legislation and makes policy recommendations regarding issues pertinent to homeless and runaway youth.

Former FKCS CEO Kathy Tuell delivered a seminar on Disaster and Contingency Planning at the 2007 NN4Y Symposium in Washington, D.C.

Johns Hopkins University Listening Post ProjectThe Florida Keys Children’s Shelter was asked to join the Listening Post Project in 2005. The Project examines trends and issues affecting effective management of nonprofit organizations of all types through surveys, white papers and policy recommendations.

Texas Network for Youth & Volunteers of America of Greater. New Orleans (VOAGNO)FKCS CEO Kathy Tuell is serving as a consultant for the Volunteers of America of Greater New Orleans as they develop a best practices manual for how nonprofit agencies can better prepare for disasters, and how to organize and work with volunteers after a disaster.

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