If you would like to get personally involved in helping abused, neglected or troubled children, please consider joining our Volunteer Program. The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter operates three residential programs: an 18-bed shelter in Plantation Key for children ranging in age from 10 through 17 years old, a six-bed residential group home for youth 11 – 17 years and a six-bed emergency home in Key West for younger children, newborn through 10 years old. All three programs use volunteers to supplement and complement the services provided by our staff.

Volunteers take children on recreational outings, play sports and games with them, help them with their school work, or are just available for conversation if a child needs someone to talk to. In Key West, where the children are younger, there is also the option of helping to care for them.

Florida law requires a complete background screening for anyone working with children. All volunteers at the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter must consent to this background screening, which is conducted by the State Department of Juvenile Justice.

For more information, please email pmurray@fkcs.org