Gregory Brown has been named President and CEO of the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter. Mike Puto, Executive Council Chair and the FKCS Board voted unanimously for Brown to replace Kathy Tuell due to her retirement. Tuell, although instrumental in the search, has recently moved to Oklahoma after her 18 years of service to the agency.

Brown comes to the Keys from Costa Rica where he served as a Partner in Organizational Development and a Management Consultant for Frano Project Management/Vertex Innovations and as CEO of GB Planning and Resource Development. Originally from Philadelphia, Brown has a long history in working with non-profits that serve at risk youth and the homeless. His understanding of the mission of FKCS and his expertise in organizational development makes for a smooth transition in leadership.

FKCS is a nationally-accredited multi-program not-for-profit organization serving abused, abandoned, neglected, runaway, truant and ungovernable children and youth. FKCS operates five programs providing a continuum of care for children and families in Monroe County. These five programs are designed to provide various levels of care and counseling to children, teens and families. The mission of FKCS is to work in such a way that we can support Safe Kids, Strong Families and Healthy Communities.