Effectiveness & Insight

The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter makes a difference in the lives of over 500 youth in Monroe County annually, in both residential and non-residential program.

The confidence in our good work is demonstrated by continued renewal of our county, state, federal, and private grants which require strict reporting on both numbers served and quality of service:

  • Monroe County Commissioners entrust the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter each year with one of its top three largest grants among approximately 30human services agencies funded annually;
  • The Keys Children’s Foundation gives its biggest grant to the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter each year, supporting our programs for over three decades;
  • The United Way of the Florida Keys raises funds for the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter in its annual campaign for about a dozen select partner agencies in Monroe County who demonstrate measurable impact to fulfill national United Way standards;
  • The Florida Network of Youth and Family Services continues to showcase the Florida Keys Children’s Shelter as its only licensed emergency shelter in the Monroe County, among 29 agencies statewide selected for funding from the Department of Juvenile Justice to serve homeless, runaway and troubled youth and their families.

The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter’s effectiveness in preventing juvenile crime equates to substantial cost savings for the county and state, with a nearly $5.50 return for every dollar spent on quality prevention programs for at-risk youth. A dollar invested today is multiplied in the future for Florida Keys children and families.

Click here to view our most recent audited financials and IRS tax return: