Welcome to an organization that listens when no one listens

That cares when no one cares. That protects when there’s no protection. And that provides hope when all hope seems to be lost. Our job is to help children and their families get back on track—because everyone deserves the chance to shine. The Florida Keys Children’s Shelter is more than just a place to stay. Our extensive programs—both residential and non-residential—have helped and counseled thousands of children and families in their time of need since 1985. We’re dedicated to providing the best possible solutions for abused, abandoned or neglected children; and children that have run away, are truants, or are considered ungovernable by their parents.


Safe Kids

It is our honor to operate the only licensed emergency shelter for ages 0-18 in the Florida Keys, as well as the only federally-funded drop-in center for ages 21 and under.



Strong Families

With our free, personalized counseling, coaching and education, every individual is provided the opportunity to live up to his or her highest potential.



Healthy Communities

The one-on-one care we’re giving 365 days a year helps prevent at-risk youth from living in the streets or getting involved with the juvenile justice system.


Safe Kids, Strong Families and a Healthy Community

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